A Primal Movement Practice For Beginners.

Fitness Workout
Aloha everyone and blessings.

Here is a great morning practice for those seeking to gain more mobility, flexibility, core strength, balance and coordination, breath-work, joint health, and connection to mother earth and more.

* Please contact your healthcare provider before attempting the movements presented in this video, mahalo and enjoy.

Move List:

– Setting Intention for your practice/day
– Neck Rotations
– Shoulder Rotations
– Elbow Rotations
– Wrist Rotations
– Spinal Undulations
– Trunk Rotations
– Hip Rotations
– Single leg Rotations
– Knee Rotations
– Ankle Rotations
– Stillness Meditation

* Tips

– Remember to stay with the breath, very important.
– Do your best to maximize the radius of each rotation.
– Listen to your body more than myself lol, feel free to speed up, slow down or even add some static stretches to enhance your practice.
– Consistency is key. A little everyday goes a very long way.
– Most importantly have fun with your practice, allow yourself to be kid-like…or better yet Primal like 😊.

For movement, massage and training, please email me at.


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