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Animal Flow Scorpion will stretch and open up the entire side body while also challenging the core muscles in a very unique way. The bottom and top of Scorpion initiate very different training stimuli, as the two positions are very different. Hooking the leg at the top position really opens up the hips while stretching the entire side body. I like to practice Scorpion from a stationary position. Reach and “sting” the far side with your elevated foot, firing the hip muscles to do so.

*** Scorpion Technique Overview ***
Move the knee across the body, touching the knee cap to the far opposite side elbow, reverse the flow, elevating the hips as you hook the moving leg up and around.

The top position of Scorpion resembles a twisted up version of Downward Dog.

You’ll likely feel a big core contraction during the cross-body reach, followed by a nice hamstring/lat stretch and hip opener in the top position of the Scorpion. Plenty of thoracic rotation, extension and flexion work going on here also.

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