RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Hummus, potato and mushroom wrap – Medical Medium Protocol

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🍠I am very happy that my camera-shy boyfriend allowed me to film him for this video. This is important to me because I know from clients that they find it difficult to cook dinner they can share with the whole family even though your family isn’t vegan. My meat-loving boyfriend enjoys my vegan cooking very much and I am very excited about showing you more videos in the future with high carb and low fat vegan food, that I share with my boyfriend, family and friends even though they aren’t vegan like me. Because vegan food doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless or make you less full. You can make a lot of interesting vegan food with a lot of taste and I promise you – you wont leave the table hungry!💪
🍅I test all my recipes on my boyfriend because I want to make sure that even people who love meat – will love my food. My recipes are not only 100% vegan – they are 100% true to the Medical Medium protocol, so if you are chronically ill – my recipes will be safe to eat and very healing for you.
🍓My name is Katrine, I am Danish – I have been chronically ill for more than 20 years, and only thanks to Anthony William I have finally healed. Something I never thought would happen, because I was born with bad genes, right? (Wrong!)
If you found this video helpful please support my channel by giving it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I have tons of ideas for videos I want to make in the future. I don’t think I will ever be done sharing information only from AW about the true cause to chronic illness, what to eat to be healthy – what not to eat, helpful tips and ideas for saving time and money, recipes, what I(vegan), Jensen(our love dog) and Max(my boyfriend – not vegan) eats in a day, how Max and I make it work together with different diets and much more, that will help you heal.
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