Tip #1 for healing Epstein-Barr Virus and Mold Toxicity, while Battling Hashimoto’s Disease

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Welcome to our first video in our five part series where Natasha is discussing her tips for overcoming Epstein-Barr Virus and mold toxicity, while battling Hashimoto’s Disease.

Natasha has focused on detoxifying the body using sauna therapy. We bought an near infrared sauna from https://saunaspace.com/

The reason we went with Sauna Space is the fact we could get a portable unit. The unit was easy to set up and only takes up roughly 6 ft x 6 ft. We set it up in our bedroom and Natasha uses it upon waking each morning.

The benefits of near infrared are abundant, with detoxification being our goal:

“Raising cell temperature by 3 degrees F for a few minutes induces the cellular detoxification response.

Therefore, if we raise core body temperature by 3 degrees for a few minutes, we have increased temp accordingly for all the body’s cells. This is called full-body detoxification

Any heat source that achieves this will induce cellular detoxification. The best “heat shock therapy” approach is near infrared sauna, because the radiant, up to 9 inch penetration of near infrared wavelengths means we induce this temperature increase in the entire body most efficiently. Most all other heating methods (wet sauna, far-infrared, bathing) heat the body conductively, from outside in, and rely on the ambient air to heat the tissue, so the heating is less efficient.

In short, you WILL detoxify most effectively and efficiently in a near infrared sauna, and the rest is all about quality product design to ensure the user experience is convenient, hypoallergenic, lifetime-warrantied and beautiful.” – Sauna Space

The second tool Natasha used to detoxify her body was using coffee enemas. Coffee enemas help the liver purge of toxins. Your liver filters your blood every 3 minutes and the goal of the coffee enema is to hold the coffee from 3-15 minutes, allowing the caffeine to travel via the hemorrhoidal vein and the portal system to the liver, opening up the bile ducts and allowing the liver to release bile, which contains toxins.

We also used specific herbs to help bind and pull toxins out of the body, including activated charcoal and bentonite clay (alternately).

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