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Animal Flow in a London alley with Mike Fitch, Rachel, Ricard Scrivener and Edita. See Below to access the individual moves. If you enjoyed this video feel free to SUBSCRIBE: ☞ http://bit.ly/2BlyCXI

Mike Fitch and the guys demonstrate some of the different forms that make up Animal Flow. These moves can be learned in Animal Flow Level 1 & 2, and can be combined in any sequence or with any of the other Animal Flow moves to make your very own unique flow – This is the beauty of Animal Flow.

In this video you see:

Deep Ape: 0:03
Reaching underswitch 0:04
Crocodile Roll: 0:05
Open the gap: 0:09
Roll through: 0:10
Underswitch return to deep Ape: 0:14
Reaching underswitch into Crab reach: 0:17
Return to crab underswitch back to Deep Ape: 0:19
Scorpion sweep: 0.21
Rotating ape: 0:24

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