Suples Speed Dummy- Group Fitness Class

Fitness Workout for Men
Mitko training a group fitness class with the Suples Speed dummy. Functional fitness with the throwing dummies is fun, challenging and great for all most levels of fitness.
Throw or Be Thrown!

Why train with Throwing Dummies?
We are very proud of our wrestling background because it gave us the knowledge for creating functional training programs, for not only professional wrestlers, but for anyone who loves functional fitness.
If you are already following our Suples Training and have basicknowledge of using the Bulgarian Bag, H.I.R.T.S., the Gladiator Wall and Suples Fit Ball, you can use the dummies! You will see how all the Suples components carry over and build the fundamentals you need to become confident and motivated to accept the challenge to integrate the Suples Throwing Dummies into your daily workouts.

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