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Today at Human 2.0, Coach Dan is teaching you how to do an easy crawling warm up. Use this bodyweight workout and primal movement training tutorial so you know exactly how to do these exercises with proper technique. Dan will go over the bear crawl (bear walk), low knees bear crawl, the frog hop, and the lizard. He will give you tips for how to do them for any level and ability – options and progressions for beginners and for those who are more advanced.

Crawling in general is a great full body workout, and these are easy exercises because they only involve using your bodyweight (no gym required or gym equipment) which means you can do them anywhere, anytime. This style of fitness training is also what some people call “primal training”, “primal movement” or “animal flow” exercise – hence the name low knees “bear crawl”, “bear walk”, “frog hop” or “lizard”. Yes, the idea is for you to mimic the walking pattern of a bear, to hop like a frog, or crawl like a lizard.

Using these exercises, you will develop overall body awareness, coordination, proprioception, and physical literacy skills, as well as hip, ankle, knee, shoulder, and wrist mobility, upper body strength, lower body strength, as well as core strength. These type of exercises are good for so many things.

Incorporate this easy crawling warm up into your fitness routine today. Don’t be afraid to give it a try! And yes, not only is this a great fitness tool for warm-up, but you can also use these same exercises and exercise sequence as conditioning and/or strength training tool. Simply do more sets or make the sets longer, go slower, and/or add more options if you know any. Stay tuned on our channel as we add more bodyweight exercises and primal movement workouts.

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