28 Exercises – Bodyweight & TRX – Jungle Workout

Fitness Workout
Play like a wild animal, climb on tree trunks, free up yourself in the jungle. What a fun spot for summer outdoor workout! ANIMAL FLOW: Tree climbing to play with balance & coordination. SOLITUDE of Tree & Me: Push Ups, Plank with Knee Tuck Variations, Layered Branch balance jumps. NAVY SEAL TIME: TRX is the perfect wild workout toy hooked on solid tree branches. TRX: Skater Curtsy Hop on two trunks, Core Roll Out, Pec Fly & Press, One Toe Stability Plank, Reverse Crunch, Tricep Dips with one leg balance, Uneven Tree Trunk lunges, Plank Lateral Swing, Prayer Transverse Twist, Chest Press One Toe Balance, Twist Lunge Hip Thrust, Plank leg out/in, Tricep extension, Cardio Shuffle, Back Row, Bicep Curl. TREE SIESTA: Tree Trunk balance walk, lunge, pull ups. TREE Grand Finale: climbing and stretching on top of the tree! There are 28 exercises in this ANIMAL TREE PLAY program, you ready for the challenge?

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