7 Effective Bodyweight Glute Building Exercises You Can Do At Home

Fitness Workout for Men

Glute Training has been really popular in recent years and continues to rise – even amongst men.

All though many have turned their focus to building their Glutes for aesthetic reasons – not a bad thing – there is also some prehab/rehab properties to be recognized as well that can lead to pain free training.

Most of us walk around in an extended posture, ribcage flared out and caved in low back, which results in our hips tilting forward. This is just part of being human and walking upright.

I won’t go so far as saying these exercises will “fix” your posture but I will say that they will help to develop the biggest muscle on your body – Glutes- and give you more control of the engine – Hips – to help prevent excess extension that you can’t control which is for sure can be a culprit for chronic low back pain as well as hip instability.

There are so many ways to strengthen and develop your Glutes, which I’ll tap into another day, but for now I wanted to provide you with some exercises you can do AT HOME with just a resistance band as well as your own Bodyweight that can help add to your physique and train pain free.

For activation/prehab do 2 sets of 8-10 reps. Think activation, not annihilation.

For metabolic stress, or hypertrophy, you be in a higher rep range. Anywhere from 15-25 or even 50 reps. I know, that’s a big range. Here’s a couple examples you can apply right away…

1.) Seated Triple Threat Band Hip Abduction (2 Sets)
– Slight lean forward x15-20 reps
– Erect x15-20 Reps
– Slight lean back x15-20 reps

2.) 1 Leg Hip Thrust (2-3 Sets) x15-25 Reps each side

There’s an incredible amount of combinations but I hope this helps and allows you to get more creative.


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