DIY – Dynamic warm up for Runners

Fitness Workout
Dynamic stretching warms up your body and gets a sweat going before you work out. Perform a dynamic warmup before every run. You should also do this warmup before you perform the plyometric exercises (

In this video, the exercises are performed over a span of about 15 feet to make it easy for you to see how they’re done. When you do them, you can perform each one over a span of up to 40 feet. Find a distance that works best for you. If you’re not sure, start with a shorter distance.

Do one rep of each exercise.
0:00 Knee hug to calf raise
0:25 Figure-4 hip stretch
0:49 Soldier walks
1:06 Lunge twist
1:35 High knees
1:45 Glute kicks
1:55 Forward/backward skips
2:17 Lateral shuffles
2:29 Backpedal
2:39 Grapevine

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