Improve Freestyle Swimming: 10 Minute Strength Workout (Part 2 of 2)

Quick Fitness Workout
This complete freestyle workout (Part 2 of 2) with Al Lyman utilizes the Vasa Ergometer, dumbbells, a power wheel and a resistance band/stretch cord to give you a time-saving workout in about 10 minutes. This conditioning workout addresses core strength, upper body strength, and swim-specific training to help you resist fatigue during a triathlon. (Note: this is the second of 2 clips) This workout is ideal for both swimmers and triathletes.

– Half pulls with stretch cord
– Vasa Erg – 100m warmup
– Vasa Erg – 50m higher intensity
– 10 pushups
– External rotation exercises with stretch band (3 positions)
– 5 roll outs with power wheel
– Vasa Erg – 100m
– Dumbbell Shrugs (forward and back)
– 10 pushups
– External rotation exercises
– Vasa Erg – 100 m with surges at the end of each 25
– Vasa Erg recovery stroke swimming

See Part 1 here –

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